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Are Franchises for Young Entrepreneurs?

You’re beginning your last semester of college and starting to think about post-graduation plans.

You picture yourself competing in order to find a 9-5 job working for someone else, but realize

this path is not for you. Well, believe it or not, you’re not alone. Recent trends have shown an

increased desire among the youth to avoid entry-level corporate jobs, and instead, venture out

alone and prosper on their own merits.

There are many reasons why franchising is the right fit for young adults who are serious

about business ownership. For one, young people have big aspirations. They tend to have

less responsibility and have the motivation and optimism to pursue something they are

truly passionate about. Those just starting out in life feel strongly about being in control of

themselves, claiming independence and diving into opportunities.

Also, franchisors tend to have a great deal of respect for young franchisees. Since they are fresh

out of school, young professionals are more malleable and willing to follow by example without

deviation. Because the system has a structure in place, individuals who appreciate support and

guidance tend to do well in these positions. Younger people are familiar with following rules by

figures of authority, but they also add a different perspective and craft new innovative ways of

doing things.

Here are strong advantages that franchising can offer a young professional.


A franchise is designed in a way that allows the business model to be replicated by individuals

of different ages, backgrounds and levels of experience. Franchisors have already gone out

and established the tools that are necessary to begin a business. Whether it’s the training and

operation structure, the branding, or the marketing system, franchisors have paved a road map

that provides a plan to start and grow right from the start.


A franchisor offers an already proven product. Beneficially, the franchisee automatically inherits

some degree of the trust that is associated with a franchise brand. Franchising is many times an

easier way to prove oneself and establish a solid customer base. By taking advantage of name

recognition and customer faith, young individuals, without viable work experience and a large

network of connections, can eliminate some of the risk associated with starting a business.

Young professionals, spend sufficient time asking yourselves if you have the drive to commit

and succeed in your own business, and, if you are willing to deal with the difficulties and

challenges that will come your way.

To learn more about purchasing a franchise as a young adult, take the next step. Consider

contacting a franchise consultant who will help you explore entrepreneurial opportunities.

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