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Environmentally Friendly Franchises

As the nation continues to commit to socially-responsible and environmentally-friendly practices, the franchise industry is observing major growth within green franchise opportunities. To varying degrees, franchises across every industry are taking steps towards social-responsibility and greater sustainability.


Opportunity Spotlight: Home Care Seminars

Often times, successful businesses choose to leverage their intellectual capital by pursing an alternative to franchising. In 2008, Founder and CEO of Home Care Seminar, LLC, Gavin Densmore, did just that. He established a nationally renowned home care training program based on years of experience within the industry.


Tips for Transition from Employee to Franchise Owner

Are you ready to be your own boss? Have you outlined your definite purpose, figured out exactly what you want out of your career and found a franchise that corresponds? If so, you have probably considered that fact that this process doesn’t happen overnight. Before you leap into your new role, you will need to be prepared to ensure your transition goes as smooth as possible.


Successful Franchise Mindset

Did you know that mentality and personality type play a huge factor in the success of a franchisee? Think about it. Being a business owner requires a series of personality traits on its own. Now add in the fact that being a franchisee is essentially being a business owner of another person’s business, and you have yourself a whole other set of matters.


Spotlight Franchise Blog: Squeegee Squad

Residential and commercial mid and high-rise window cleaning franchise, Squeegee Squad, has been stirring up a lot of recognition within the franchise world. As a leader and major international player in the window cleaning industry, the franchise experienced a record breaking year in 2013 and is continuing this trend in 2014.


Post Retirement and Franchises

Americans are living long past retirement and are finding that these years are the perfect time to open a business. Whether motivated by a personal aspiration or financial security, older Americans have become a fast-growing segment for those purchasing a franchise. Retirees are actually experiencing more enjoyment and improved health by staying active, both physically and mentally.


Part-time Franchise Opportunities

“Is possible to keep your full-time job and open a franchise on the side?” This is a common question we as franchise consultants are often asked. Speaking with experienced franchisees in the industry, the answer is yes, of course! In fact, it is becoming increasingly popular for franchise owners to stay with their regular job while beginning a franchise. Those who want to pursue business ownership, or even those who are looking to generate additional income on the side, have found that it is certainly possible to juggle both effectively.


Franchise Industry Opportunities that Foster Healthy Lifestyles

Are you looking to own a business and have a passion to encourage healthy living? Now, more than ever before, there is a huge market for franchises that offer more than just a business. Due to the fact more people are taking necessary steps to live healthy lifestyles, there is more demand in the marketplace for products and services related to helping people achieve these goals.


Is Chipotle a Franchise?

Chipotle Mexican Grill, “Food with Integrity”, has proven there is opportunity for innovation and expansion within the fast food service industry. The company prides itself on the use of organic ingredients and the most naturally raised meat compared to any other restaurant chain.