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Boating Franchise

There is a franchise to consider for the boat enthusiasts. The model consists of the franchisee owning a fleet of boats, whereby the member would


Five Tips to Not Get Ripped off When Buying a Franchise

Overstating the truth, puffery and hype. You need to have a clear mind and a steady focus when you’re heading down the path of buying a franchise. Multitudes of voices, each with a self-serving agenda, are out there, coaxing you toward their franchise brand. Like Sirens, they beckon you. Beware.


How to Build a Franchise

There’s one question we get from existing business owners, “I want to franchise my business, how do I do that?” The answer is simple; have a business that is “Franchisable.” What do I mean by that? Here are 3 tips on how to build a franchise.


What is Franchising?

Simply put, it’s a way for business expansion that is an agreement between two parties. Typically, the one who owns the concept is the Franchisor. The party, who wants to buy in and help with the brand expansion by becoming an owner, is the Franchisee.


How do you Fund a Franchise?

The exciting part of what we do is work with you helping you find the right franchise business that meets your goals and helps you to either leave your job, grow your empire or even to create a legacy for your family. That’s the fun part. The heavy lifting comes in when we work with you on ways to help you fund the purchase.


Outdoor Franchises

Finding a franchise that you will enjoy and are passionate with is important. There are countless types of franchises that one can choose from. Take time to choose something that you believe you can have succeed with. The first step to success for a franchise business is choosing the right niche market or industry.


4 Reasons Not to Buy a Franchise

Over the years of working with people who are looking into buying in franchises, we have heard a lot of reasons why people want to start a business. Some of those reasons are practical and well thought out; others are a little short-sighted.


Which Franchise is Right for Me?

As franchise consultants, we are asked the question every day, “Which franchise is right for me?” And we have one response for everyone, no matter their business experience, how much they have to invest or what their goals are, and that answer is, “It depends.”