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Christopher Conner – Franchise Marketing Systems

Christopher Conner started his firm, Franchise Marketing Systems in 2009 based in Atlanta, GA with a vision to strategically partner with emerging franchise brands and provide support to these new systems as they grew through the franchise model into new markets. The franchise model had proven to be difficult for many brands that entered franchising from Mr. Conner’s perspective and during his time in the industry he felt that the majority of these new franchisors just didn’t have the bandwidth or expertise needed to effectively take their model into the franchise marketplace.

Franchise Marketing Systems started with only a handful of staff when the organization first came to life. His father, C. James Conner was one of these early staff members who was based in Chicago. As the business searched for footing, the vision became reality as Chris Conner and Franchise Marketing Systems were able to help several new franchise brands expand their models with the addition of over 200 new units combined between the systems in 2010. Mr. Conner also added additional staff in new markets throughout the U.S. Christine Wilson provided franchise operations and training support, Alan George worked with territory mapping and planning, David Oakley worked in franchise marketing and sales and Jim Conner was working in strategic planning and franchise development.

In 2011, Mr. Conner began to market the services of Franchise Marketing Systems by exhibiting at a series of franchise tradeshows and beginning to advertise the company’s value proposition to a wider audience. With the addition of new brands came the continued growth of the company and by 2015, the organization had 24 staff members and a nationwide network of franchise representatives.

Today, in 2016, the company is continuing to drive forward with a commitment to driving growth for the client’s brands Conner and FMS are provided the opportunity to work with. Franchise Marketing Systems has a long-term, performance based franchise development model where the company is put in a position where they must perform for the client in order for the relationship to be profitable for either party. This devotion to a mutually beneficial relationship is what has been the competitive advantage for Franchise Marketing Systems and their clients. Christopher Conner and his family currently reside in Gainesville, GA, just north of Atlanta.

If you, or someone you know, has thought of franchising your company or brand, you can find more information on the Franchise Marketing Systems service model at:

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