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Congrats: Will and Zack!

I am so happy to have the honor of placing these two gentlemen, Will Maus and Zack Simon, in Ideal Siding, with their territory located in the Salt Lake area. These clients are related to one another and they initially were not motivated to purchase a franchise until they spoke to the team at this relatively new franchise. What “sold them” on this opportunity, was the franchisor will help aid franchisees with lead generation, provide independent contractors to do the work and offer a great warranty on the product. Additionally, the CEO also believes in his franchise so much that he also owns several territories in the US and Canada.

As you can see they both have such beautiful families and they were one of the best clients we have ever worked with. They followed all the processes very precisely and were very thorough in their approach to completing all due diligence. We have no doubt they will be outstanding franchisees! On behalf of FranFinders SE, LLC, we wish these wonderful men, and their families, outstanding success. Also, we want to express a deep gratitude to the Ideal Siding Team, and especially the CEO, Alex Filipuk, for his outstanding efforts to provide the information our clients needed to make an informed decision. Congratulations everyone!

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