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Environmentally Friendly Franchises

As the nation continues to commit to socially-responsible and environmentally-friendly practices, the franchise industry is observing major growth within green franchise opportunities. To varying degrees, franchises across every industry are taking steps towards social-responsibility and greater sustainability. Franchises that have adopted these principles are not only enjoying the satisfaction of taking part in a great cause, but they are benefiting from customer support, government policies, lower-costs and increased profitability.

What exactly is a green business? A green business is one that functions in a capacity that creates no negative impact on the local or global environment, the community, or the economy. It is also one that engages in future-oriented and progressive policies for environmental concerns.

Franchise owners are finding that going green is an attractive business strategy because people are educating themselves on the importance of greater sustainability. Americans are becoming more willing to make necessary changes to their lives in order to help improve the environment. Due to this social change, there is a large market for those that will pay more for green products. People feel good about spending their money on items that follow green guidelines and lessening their negative impact on the environment.

With a large market in place for green-goers, franchises are taking steps to develop businesses that implement green practices and utilize green materials and technologies. Franchises that offer green products or services, and reduce negative impacts on the environment, are appearing everywhere on the scene. Green franchising is expanding in sectors of all kinds, such as fast-food, cleaning, home improvement and beauty.

FranFinders Top Environmentally Friendly Franchises

Cell Again offers a unique recycling concept. Owners buy and sell discounted or used phone models and perform repairs on phones, as opposed to discarding them in landfills. This delays the spread of electronic waste, which contains hazardous components or significant and reusable materials.

Lady Bug Pest Control is an eco-friendly service that utilizes ECO PCO products, which are compliant with the National Organic Program. The franchise also uses non-toxic and all natural materials as part of its green initiative. This is a turnkey franchise opportunity that values its environmentally responsible approach to pest control.

Solar Universe is a leading solar franchising concept within the multi-billion dollar solar industry market. The franchise is changing the face of this industry by providing a money-saving alternative to their utility bill, while aiding to the green energy production movement.

As a potential franchise owner, you can find an opportunity that will allow you to help preserve the environment and serve customers who appreciate these efforts as well. At FranFinders, we will find environmentally-friendly, eco-conscious franchise opportunities that fit your lifestyle and business vision.

If you are looking into franchise ownership and have a passion to care for the planet, contact one of our franchise consultants today to discuss your green options.

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