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Franchise Expos – How to Maximize your Visit

Annually, there are dozens of franchise expos and business opportunity expos being held in convention centers around the country. At these events, there are normally hundreds of franchises and biz-opp companies represented each with representatives and information to help you learn more about their brands. With only limited time and a large number of booths to visit, an attendee can feel overwhelmed and lost if they are not prepared. Here are some tips to help you maximize your visit.

Preview the Exhibitor List – Each franchise expo has a website promoting their event. Prior to attending the event, look at the list of exhibitors. Scan through the list and find the companies you’ll want to learn more about.

Research Your List – Once you have your short list of companies, conduct an internet search to find out more details about each company. Information such as investment levels, number of open units, products or services offered (revenue streams of the business) and the companies mission statement.

Prepare Questions – Now that you know a little about each company, prepare a short list of questions based off your research. You may want to know about the marketing of their service, or how they plan on supporting you as a new owner in the area.

Plan Your Route – Now that you have your list and questions, go back to the franchise expo’s website and find the floor layout of the convention center. Plan a route to visit each booth on your list. You can visit in order of priority, or proximity. Either way, by planning your route, you’ll be able to maximize your time at the expo.

Pack a Lunch – Really. Maybe not a full lunch, but at least some snacks like fruit or power bars. Most expos have really great food franchises exhibiting. And they usually offer free samples. If you’re not prepared, i.e. starving, you’ll end up spending time standing in line for a slice of pizza, and not talking with your “A” list companies. Unless of course you’re interested in pizza!

By taking some time to plan, you’ll exponentially maximize your efforts when attending a franchise expo. To help you plan and prepare questions based off your research, contact a franchise consultant for free help.

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