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Franchises Providing National Accounts

Every franchisor offers a specific marketing plan that makes their brand unique. If you really don’t enjoy selling, consider a franchise that offers National Accounts. Participating in the National Accounts program will allow you to jumpstart your business and increase your “ramp up” time for success.

Recently I placed a client in a staffing franchise. Initially we listened to several franchisor calls and one brand differentiated their model by offering National Accounts. Shortly after my client joined the franchise, the National Accounts were activated and she was in business.

Consider the following when discussing the National Accounts Program with a franchisor:

What National Accounts Does the Franchisor Represent?

Many times a franchisor considers this information to be proprietary. However, if you are serious about joining a franchise, the franchisor should be willing to share some of their accounts with you. Be prepared to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Most franchisors are very protective about these relationships and they don’t want to invite competition.

What is the Time Frame to Get the National Accounts Activated?

When you become a franchisee, you will want to know how long it will take to activate the National Accounts program. Some franchisors require that you have been in the franchise for at least a year and have specific sales numbers before participating in their program. I’ve seen other companies activate the National Accounts shortly after they join the franchise.

What is the Cost to Participate?

Most franchisors have inside sales representatives who contact companies to establish National Accounts. Time and money is spent to develop business for franchisees. Typically a fee is associated with the National Accounts program. Confirm the cost prior to joining the franchise.

What are the Requirements for National Accounts?

Some franchisors require that a survey be completed by each customer participating in the National Accounts program. If your scores fall below the franchisors requirements, you may risk participation in the future.

How long has the National Accounts program been in existence?

You will also want to clarify how long the National Accounts have been in partnership with the franchisor and if they have a contract in place.

What are their terms between the franchisor and how likely they to continue in this partnership?

The longer the relationship has been established, the more likely it will continue in the future.

Getting off to a quick start in your franchise differentiates you between a success and failure in your business. With the help of a franchise consultant you can find out which franchisors offer this great benefit and ask the correct questions before joining.

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