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Good Franchises for Women

While women can be candidates for nearly any franchise, given the right skills and experience, many women prefer franchises that make it easier to combine work and family, focus on home or family. Some businesses prefer women. Here are some franchise types that may fit the bill for women. For guidance, contact a franchise consultant that knows the ins and outs of finding franchises for women.

Home-oriented – This is a big area and includes home or office decorating and providing decorating products like blinds & shutters or home services like home or office cleaning, carpet cleaning, restoration, water damage cleanup, mold removal, infection control, home safety & security. Have you thought of recruiting and scheduling home repair and home handymen?

Family-oriented – If your interests include children, consider children’s education in areas like test prep, music, drama, dance, art, science, or technology, including computers. Or, look at franchises for children’s parties, child fitness, and children’s clothing. At the other end of the spectrum are franchises involving seniors like assisted living, home care, and non-medical personal services.

Flexible hours, part-time and home-based – These advantages pretty much go together. Many franchises offer flexible hours. A great number of franchises can start off part-time so you can provide an income while children are in school. A big area of interest lately is coaching. More traditional franchises include medical billing, bookkeeping, signs, mail, advertising, candy, and promotional/printing products. Don’t forget health & beauty and you may not have thought of fitness clubs or spa services. How about sales training or management training, even animal training? Don’t forget internet and digital information opportunities.

Special Interest – If you are one of many women that have learned to be frugal or good with money, have you considered helping people find cost savings as your profession? How about lowering expenses through green energy consulting or eco-friendly products?

All in all, there are many franchises to fit the unique skills and needs of women. In fact, franchising may be the best way for a woman to be in business in a way that fits well with a family. Check with your franchise consultant for more information.

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