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Interview with Entrepreneur: Henry Wischusen

Henry Wischusen: Entrepreneur

President, Integrated Development

Henry Wischusen - Integrated Development

We have interviewed a former corporate executive who has left his job and started his own business.

What type of business did you start and who is your targeted customer? My business performs independent packaging development, including, concept creation, prototyping, pilot production, and sourcing along with consulting. My customers are packaging manufacturers and packaging users.

What motivated you to start your own business? I wanted to better use my talents and knowledge and create a flexible schedule to pursue other opportunities.

What is your background and experience? I have spent my entire work career in the packaging industry primarily doing packaging development.

What has been your biggest challenge and how have you overcome it? The biggest challenge for me has been to stay focused on projects that yield a good return for the time spent. I have learned to be more selective regarding the projects I take on.

What characteristics does somebody need to successful as an entrepreneur? I would say that entrepreneurs must pay close attention to all aspects of their business and be inquisitive and objective about what they observe.

What is your 3 year vision for your business? I do not plan to grow this business. Integrated Development provides income and flexibility to me while I am developing other businesses which should be up and running in 3 years.

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