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Is a Franchise Right for Me?

When we work with folks to help them find a franchise business to buy, we also educate them as to what franchising is and how they fit into to the picture. Everyone has their own ideas of what a franchise is, and how they originally see themselves involved. To help them understand the concept of franchising from a business owners perspective, we help them determine if a franchise is really a fit for them.

Here are characteristics you should have to be a successful franchise owner.

1. Desire to succeed

Work hard and persistence. You will need to be completely focused on bringing your new business up to running speed. Only hard work with diligence and persistence will get you across the finish line. Be prepared to put in the time and effort. Business ownership is not for the weak or lazy.

2. Willingness to submit

You will need to follow the direction of the franchisor. They have developed proven systems that work. You need to be able to follow it. While the rebellious spirit of the U.S. entrepreneur is admired by many, only those who can follow the plans of a franchisor will succeed in franchising.

3. Believe in brand

You will need to confidently believe in the leadership, mission, product or service, and the system of the franchise brand you select. From this, you will become a brand champion. Not only will you be excited about your individual business, but you will have pride belonging to the franchise. You must believe to succeed.

By having the basic understanding of your role in the franchise relationship, you can pre-determine if you have what it takes.

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Rob Bennett

Rob had served in the corporate-world for 18 years filling various technical capacities, from structural design to project engineer. His experience lends to FranFinders strategic planning, systems design and optimization.

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