Securities-Based Lines of Credit

This option allows you to borrow money using your investment portfolio as collateral. 

Maintain Control, Access Capital

Securities-Based Lines of Credit funding is a type of financing where your FICO score is not a factor. If you hold publicly traded stock or other US or Foreign securities, you can borrow against the their value. A great advantage is that you retain full ownership and access to your securities. This includes interest, dividends and appreciation. 

If you want more control of your investments and buy a franchise business, this type of financing can be a good avenue for financing your franchise purchase. You can apply the funds towards franchise fees, start-up costs, equipment acquisitions real estate, or working capital.

The current loan range is $55K up to $10MM.

As “Your Partner,” we will work with you to determine if a Securites-Based Line of Credit is right for your situation.

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