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SBA Franchise Findings List

If you are considering buying a franchise and you are looking into SBA Loans, you’ll first want to see if the franchise has any issues in its franchise agreement (Agreement) that would cause you to be ineligible for SBA financing.

On the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) website, there has been assembled a list of franchises and systems that have specific requirements in their Agreements that could cause ineligibility to receive SBA financial assistance.

Attorneys for the SBA have put together this list to be used by lenders and Certified Development Companies (CDC) to evaluate whether a small business operating under such an Agreement is able to receive SBA financial assistance, or SBA Loans.

The list is referred to as Franchise Findings and is only to be used as a guideline for lending. Lenders and CDC are supposed to refer to the list before making any determinations for lending. Also, since Agreements change and are updated, the list is updated monthly.

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