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As we work with people who want to start their own business, one area that everyone could use some guidance on is where to find reliable and valuable information on franchising. We’ve put together a list of some of the top sites we recommend specifically for franchise information and research.

1. Entrepreneur Franchise Players – Varied articles about individual franchises and the overall franchise industry.

2. International Franchise Association – The top organization that promotes the franchise industry, internationally. Research both individual franchises and get an understanding of franchise issues on a regulatory level.

3. Small Business Administration page on Franchises – A high-level view of franchising, and solid tips on understanding the risks of buying a franchise.

4. Franchises – A good mixture of articles on both how to franchise your business to what it takes to be a successful franchise owner. Videos are used in most articles.

If you still have questions after reviewing the above sites, please reach out to us, and we’re here to find your answers.

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