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This year, we explored so many properties, trying to find the right home that suited our taste. Most of the houses lacked the “wow factor,” due to the lack of staging, and left us uninspired. Recently, we finally found a beautiful condo and put it under contract immediately. What was the deciding factor? It was staged beautifully and the furnishings were included in the sale.

The right property, staged beautifully, can make the difference between selling a property quickly or waiting months on the market. Why not explore the booming sector of home staging. We have a franchise that offers this service and is eligible for funding through the SBA. Additionally, it is a home-based model, with a low initial investment. Got that flair for style? Consider exploring this sector.

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Sue Bennett

Sue has always enjoyed serving others in her various roles as a business owner and employee. Her broad business background includes experience in the financial services, insurance and real estate industries. She also authored a book, Jumpstart Your Life, 401 Ideas to a Winning Attitude, and inspired hundreds of individuals with her upbeat messages. Sue has spent her lifetime pursuing her dreams, but more importantly, she’s committed her time and knowledge to encourage others to become successful business owners.

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