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Summertime Franchises

As the calendar moves on toward the warmer months of summer, thoughts of new adventures and discovery abound. Leaving the old behind and energetically charging ahead toward something new. Why not harness that internally energy and focus on starting a business? Here are a few summertime franchises to consider.

Frozen Yogurt – A cool, sweet treat on a hot, summer’s day. There has been a notable upswing in the frozen yogurt category. Both fun and healthy, this segment is a summertime favorite. Because of the self-serve model, there is relatively low inventory and nearly zero waste. Also, lower labor costs

Pizza – Summer is the time for pool parties, reunions and picnics. Bring a long some pizza to feed the crew. Pizza is already packaged for travel (in a box) and ready for the party. There are many pizza franchises, each with their own “special sauce.” You’ll want to look at brands that meet your budget, and have a marketing system to outdo their competitors. The pizza business could be your summer break out. No matter how you slice it, pizza is a hot seller.

Automotive – With summer there are road trips and cruising. People love to get in their vehicles and take to the open road. Consider an automotive franchise. Whether in service and repair, or cosmetics and detailing, you’ll be servicing a large segment. You won’t need to have a mechanical background for most franchises, since there are systems to train you to hire and manage those who perform the service.

Take advantage of your summer energy to take on new challenges and let go of your old thoughts and beliefs that hold you back and start a business. You can us the help of a professional franchise consultant to assist you.

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