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Top Business Opportunity Picks for 2014

Continuing with our Picks for 2014, here are some top Business Opportunities for 2014.

Our Number 1 Business Opportunity Pick: Medical Billing

Medical billing is one of the fastest growing health care jobs. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that medical billing will remain among the top fastest growing occupations for many years to come.

The fact is that over 500,000 practicing physicians and hospitals in the USA rely heavily on medical coders and billers for customer services, and, more importantly: to get paid for their medical services.

A survey by the American Hospital Association concluded that about 18% of medical billing and coding positions remain unfilled due to a lack of qualified candidates. President Obama has made strong statements about improving education and is calling upon every American to get an additional year of college or training in this industry. Occupational trends and future outlook for Medical Billing and Coding Specialists remain strong to excellent in growth potential.*


We favor the medical billing business for the following reasons:

• Low entry fee to get into this business and most companies do not charge ongoing royalties and provide on-going support

• Some of these companies will allow you to go to training initially and if you don’t like the opportunity, they offer a money-back guarantee.

• With the new Obama care health care laws rolling out, the paperwork that doctors will be required to comply with the government, will be enormous, making this a viable business to enter in 2014.

Our Number 2 Business Opportunity Pick: Healthy Vending

Childhood obesity is a major public health concern and is associated with substantial health issues. Access to less-healthy foods might facilitate dietary behaviors that contribute to obesity. We’ve all been forced to hit the unhealthy vending machines because of their convenience in the corporate break rooms, however, the choices simply not healthy and Americans are suffering from this food.

We favor the healthy vending business for the following reasons:

The demand for healthier snacks is gaining popularity in schools, the workplace and sporting events.

These businesses are turn-key, allowing the operator to get jump-started in their business within a few weeks after they train.

These machines are becoming more technology-oriented, giving the operator more information when the products are running low, providing nutritional information at the point of sale and allowing the use of “plastic,”making it more convenient for the consumer to purchase these goods.

Finally, these businesses allow great flexibility and don’t require a lot of effort to operate.

Why not get a jump-start on your resolutions early this year and decide to change your direction in 2014. There are countless opportunities that will provide a very good source of revenue and allow you the flexibility to live the life you’ve always dreamed of. Our franchise consultants are committed to helping you with your franchise search.

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