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Weighing Your Options: Starting a Business from Scratch vs. Franchising

Embarking on an entrepreneurial journey is an exciting endeavor, but deciding how to begin that journey requires consideration. Two primary paths entrepreneurs often contemplate are starting a business from scratch and franchising an established brand. Each approach has its own set of advantages and challenges, catering to different personalities, goals, and resources. In this piece, we’ll compare and contrast these two paths to help you make an informed decision.

Starting a Business from Scratch


Creating a business from the ground up grants you creative autonomy. This means having the freedom to design your brand, craft your operational strategies, and innovate without any constraints. This flexibility can lead to the birth of a unique offering that embodies your vision.

In addition, the personal satisfaction that accompanies building a business from scratch is immeasurable. Witnessing your concepts form into reality and watching your ideas flourish into a business can be gratifying, and foster a sense of accomplishment.


However, embarking on a new venture carries the risk of failure. New businesses often face uncertain market conditions, untested concepts, and the battle of establishing brand recognition. Consequently, it may take considerable time to establish a customer base and generate profits, making financial stability an ongoing challenge.

Moreover, starting a business from scratch is resource-intensive. You’ll need to invest substantial time, effort, and financial capital to construct every piece of your business. This spans from crafting a brand identity and developing marketing materials to refining operational processes.

Lastly, the learning curve can be immense for new entrepreneurs. In order to master business management, such as operations, finances, and marketing, you must allow yourself time and effort.



The franchise route offers an advantage through a tried-and-true business model, established brand recognition, and its successful history. A franchise diminishes the risk of business failure and positions you for a smoother entry into the market.

In addition, franchisors provide comprehensive training, ongoing support, and a network of seasoned franchisees. A support system can accelerate your learning curve by providing you with insights and guidance as your business matures.

Furthermore, franchises reap the benefits of economies of scale. This translates to lower operational costs, streamlined purchasing power, and enhanced marketing efforts, ultimately boosting overall efficiency.


Yet, the creative freedom that comes with starting from scratch is somewhat limited in the franchise model. Franchise agreements entail guidelines and brand standards that franchisees must adhere to. These protocols ensure consistency across the franchise network. 

In addition, your business’s success becomes tied to the brand’s reputation. Negative events impacting the franchise brand can inadvertently affect your business, even if you’re in charge of managing operations.

In conclusion, the decision to forge your own path or embrace a franchise hinges on your risk appetite, resources, goals, and preferences. Launching a business from scratch offers creativity and rewards, yet is accompanied by amplified risks and resource demands. On the flip side, franchising provides a blueprint for success, support, and an established brand, albeit with some limitations on creative expression. Ultimately, a well-researched decision that aligns with your strengths and aspirations will guide you towards your entrepreneurial journey.

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Sue Bennett

Sue has always enjoyed serving others in her various roles as a business owner and employee. Her broad business background includes experience in the financial services, insurance and real estate industries. She also authored a book, Jumpstart Your Life, 401 Ideas to a Winning Attitude, and inspired hundreds of individuals with her upbeat messages. Sue has spent her lifetime pursuing her dreams, but more importantly, she’s committed her time and knowledge to encourage others to become successful business owners.

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